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Annual #3 June 2003

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
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Chapter 7
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   -Wiggles the Wonderworm scans by unknown.

Hello and welcome to the third WONDERful issue of Spotlight Comics Annual!!! Here you'll get an annual dose of Golden Age goodness! This month we spotlight Wiggles the Wonderworm in our very first book-length adventure! Enjoy!
Cover by: Unknown with coloring by Steve Rogers.

Wiggles the Wonderworm and Casanova
Chapter 1:
"Wiggles the Wonderworm meets the Professor"
Chapter 2:
"Casanova's Rescue Party"
Chapter 3:
"Death from the Sun!"
Chapter 4:
"The Battle"
Chapter 5:
"The Monster's Cave"
Chapter 6:
"The Whirlpool"
Chapter 7:
"Escape from Lost Valley"
Wiggles the Wonderworm
    -Story taken from Taffy Comics #1
Rural Home Publishing Co. March 1945
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Artists- Unknown
    -A.K.A.- Wiggles
    -Known Powers- Strength and flight.
    -Other Information- Wiggles gets his powers by saying "OMYGOSH" and looses them whenever he is hit on the head.
    -Known Appearances- Taffy Comics 1-4
Here is a scan of Taffy Comics #1 by L.B. Cole. I apologize for the quality, it was taken from an eBay auction several years ago.

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