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#36 August 2003

Mr. Scarlet
Black Terror
Captain Courageous
The Target
Diana the Huntress
Lady Luck
The Cadet
Hale of the Herald
"Mutiny on the Rock"

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   -Mr. Scarlet, Diana the Huntress, Lady Luck, Cadet, Hale of the Herald, and "Mutiny on the Rock" scans by me.

   -Lady Luck and "Mutiny on the Rock" from the collection of Scott Nichols.

    -Black Terror and Target scans by Bill Nolan.

    -Captain Courageous scans by unknown, donated by Richard Croxton.

Hello and welcome to the thirty-sixth all-amazing issue of All-Amazing Comics!!! Here you'll get a monthly dose of Golden Age goodness, now in it's third year! Enjoy!!
Cover by: Steve Rogers.

Mr. Scarlet
Mr. Scarlet and Pinky
    -Story taken from Wow Comics #6
 Fawcett Publications Inc. April 17, 1942
     -Writer- Otto Binder(?)
     -Penciler- Phil Bard
     -Inker- Phil Bard
    -A.K.A.- Brian and Pinky Butler
    -Known Powers- None.
    -Known Appearances- America's Greatest Comics 1-7; Gift Comics 1-2; Holiday Comics 1; Mighty Midget Comics: Mr. Scarlet (12); Wow Comics 1-69; X-Mas Comics 1-2

Black Terror and Tim
    -Story taken from Black Terror #10
Nedor Publishing Co. May 1945
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Ed Moritz
     -Inker- Ed Moritz
    -A.K.A.- Bob Benton and Tim Roland
    -Known Powers- Black Terror: Strength, invulnerability Tim: None
    -Other information- An accident during an experiment with formic ether vapors gave pharmacist, Bob Benton, superhuman strength and invulnerability which he used to fight crime and espionage as the Black Terror! Not much about Bob's personal life was ever given but it was generally known that he, in some way, knew the Black Terror. His degree of strength varied but for some reason he could always be knocked out by a blow to the head. 
    Tim Roland was a delivery boy for Bob Benton who somehow discovered Bob's other life and became the Kid Terror (as far as I know though that name was only used in Exciting Comics #69). Tim had no powers of his own, thus slightly easier to beat than Black Terror. Though he played second fiddle to Black Terror for most of his career, Tim got to take center stage in Exciting #69 (reprinted in Pure Excitement Comics 24).
    -Known Appearances- America's Best Comics 1-31; Black Terror 1-27; Exciting Comics 9-69
Black Terror

Captain Courageous
Captain Courageous
    -Story taken from Four Favorites #16
Ace Books Inc. November 1944
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Bill Savage
     -Inker- Bill Savage
    -A.K.A.- Unknown
    -Known Powers- Flight, strength, limited invulnerability, and can exist unaided underwater.
    -Other information- From Jess Nevins' Golden Age Hero Directory: "Captain Courageous is actually an "omnipresent" supernatural being who is called to our plane when "brave men and women ask for courage." During WW2 Captain Courageous responds to Americans' pleas and appears to help the Allies."
    -Known Appearances- Banner/Captain Courageous Comics 3-6; Four Favorites 5-28 (22-28 not in costume)

The Target and the Targeteers
    -Story taken from Target Comics vol.4 no.11
Novelty Press Inc. March 1944
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Nina Albright
     -Inker- Nina Albright
    -A.K.A.- Niles Reed, Tom Brown, and Dave Foster 
    -Known Powers- None.
    -Other information- Niles Reed, a metallurgist, was orphaned at 16, leaving only his older brother Bill, a district attorney, as family. His brother was framed for murder and sentenced to death. A masked Niles freed Bill on the way to prison, only to be killed by one of the guards while making the escape. Now alone in the world. Niles soon met Tom and Dave, both orphans of crime, and formed a fast friendship. One night while playing darts, Tom made an analogy between crime and the target they were using which inspired Niles. He soon crafted bulletproof costumes out of flexable metal for the trio, and they begin their lives as the Target and the Targeteers!
    -Known Appearances- Blue Bolt 102-104 (reprints 105 and 110); 4 Most Comics vol.1 no.1-2, vol.5 no.1; Target Comics vol.1 no.10-vol.9 no.5, 8, vol.10 no.1
The Target and the Targeteers

Diana the Huntress
Diana the Huntress
    -Story taken from Yellowjacket Comics #8
The Frank Publishing Co. February 1946
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Burton Geller
     -Inker- Burton Geller
    -Known Powers- Flight, expert fighting skills.
    -Other information- Diana could be summoned by anyone possesing one of her arrows. 
    -Known Appearances- Yellowjacket Comics 1-10

Lady Luck
    -Story taken from The Spirit Section #76
Everett M. Arnold. November 9, 1941
     -Writer- Nick Cardy
     -Penciler- Nick Cardy
     -Inker- Nick Cardy
    -A.K.A.- Brenda Banks
    -Known Powers- None.
    -Known Appearances- Lady Luck 86-90; Smash Comics 40-85; Spirit Section 1-301 (6/2/40-3/3/46), 310-336 (5/5/46-11/3/46, though some papers were behind and ran the feature until 1/47)
Lady Luck

Kit Carter
The Cadet (Text Story)
    -Story taken from Target Comics vol.2 no.9
Novelty Press Inc. November 1941
     -Writer- "Jes"
     -Penciler- John Jordan
     -Inker- John Jordan
    -Known Appearances- 4 Most Comics vol.1 no.1-vol.8 no.5, 4 Most Boys Comics 37-40, Target Comics vol.2 no.4-vol.10 no.3

Hale of the Herald
    -Story taken from Thrilling Comics #32
Better Publications Inc. January 1943
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Ed Moritz(?)
     -Inker- Ed Moritz(?)
    -Known Appearances- Fighting Yank 3, 10; Black Terror 8; Thrilling Comics 25-33, 36, 38
Hale of the Herald

Prison Riot
"Mutiny on the Rock"
    -Story taken from Crime Does Not Pay #48
Lev Gleason Publications Inc. November 1946
     -Writer- Unknown
     -Penciler- Dan Barry
     -Inker- Dan Barry
    -Known Appearances- Crime Doen Not Pay #48

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