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#36 August 2003

Mr. Scarlet
Black Terror
Captain Courageous
The Target
Diana the Huntress
Lady Luck
The Cadet
Hale of the Herald
"Mutiny on the Rock"

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   -Mr. Scarlet, Diana the Huntress, Lady Luck, Cadet, Hale of the Herald, and "Mutiny on the Rock" scans by me.

   -Lady Luck and "Mutiny on the Rock" from the collection of Scott Nichols.

    -Black Terror and Target scans by Bill Nolan.

    -Captain Courageous scans by unknown, donated by Richard Croxton.

  4 Weeks- The Golden Years is going to lighten up a little in Spotlight Comics #13 with an all humor issue! This book will feature fan favorites: Supermouse, Sparky Watts, and Blimpy, with a newcomer from Nedor's Goofy Comics, Uncle Pigly!

  5 Weeks- It's All-Amazing Comics #37 with an early tale of Doc Strange, plus Power Nelson, the Target and the Targeteers, Holyoke's Blue Streak, and the Cadet!!!

On the Radio!
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    Hi there, and welcome to the thirty-sixth issue of All-Amazing Comics! If you wish to donate a story(s) to this book please e-mail me at the address below.

The letters will return next month!!!


    I WANT to hear from you! Tell me what you liked/disliked, loved/hated about this issue! If you have a request I can't promise that I can grant it but I'll see what I can do. Just e-mail me at thanks!

Cover Gallery
Green Lantern
Artist: Martin Nodell
   While in Chicago, I picked up this sketch by Mr. Nodell, which I'll now share with all of you! Aren't I nice? ;-)
All characters and stories are believed to be in the public domain. See Library page for details.